Michelle started teaching online just over two years ago for a select few students who were not close enough to study 'live' at her studio so she already had the necessary kit set up; an overhead keyboard cam so you can clearly see the keyboard, the ability to edit 'just right' bespoke arrangements of music live taking into consideration how you learn and what you like musically and then to send you home to practice this arrangement using the .pdf she's sent you. Not a cookie cutter method, this is a fun and nurturing way to learn designed for you.
Whether performing or teaching, Michelle's joy, knowledge and passion for music make being a part of her musical world a fun place to be.

Her music is an amalgam of toe tapping grooves and joyfulness of being encompassing bits from Brazilian Samba and Bossa, Cuban, Blues, Latin and Jazz grooves, slow and sultry Ballads to R&B, Motown, Rock and Pop reinventions depending on the energy of the audience, the immediacy of the moment and what the music wants to say.

"One of the most brilliant aspects for me of performance is being able to connect with people; when I can feel their energy responding in the moment to music I am creating. That's truly magical."   Michelle

She teaches her students to become thinking, joyful and independent musicians able to create their own musical path wherever it might lead visiting whatever genre of music that resounds with them and using this as a vehicle to become a well rounded musician.
"Student led teaching is always interesting and it is an extraordinary privilege being a part of each of my students' totally very individual musical journeys."   Michelle
No special kit required, get in touch to find out more.

"We have been using this method every week for the last 6 months for our son and he has come on in leaps and bounds.  Michelle's enthusiasm is transferable down the line."   Jim

"Just to vouch for Michelle to say my two did Skype lessons last week and it worked really well! We still like seeing Michelle for real but under the circumstances this is a great alternative and helping to keep normal routines going as much as possible."  Gill

"I can vouch for what Michelle says. I have all my piano lessons via Skype and it is very easy and effective. I thoroughly recommend it." Gillian 

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    Pianist, Singer and Teacher